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March 30, 2009

"Good Morning from the Wayne Spaghetti"

March 25, 2009

"Mirrored Sunrise"

March 24, 2009

What you will find if you visit Warren County, NJ.
(What you don't see is that he also had a toy gun in his hand.)

March 23, 2009

March 19, 2009

"Califon Morning"

March 16, 2009

"Facebook vs MySpace: Battle of the Generations?"

My 20-something-year-old daughter says that Facebook is for "old" people.

Thems fightin' words, girl!

First off, who you calling old? ME? Ha! That will be the day! Though I am 40-something I don't intend to get any, to use your term, "older." Yes, I said that when I was 20-something and again at 30-something. But I mean it this time! If I believe it hard enough it has to come true. The fountain of youth right here in my own mind. Ageless. Eternal. Trans-generational. There are young people. There are old people. And there is ME. Smart. Funny. Handsome as a jackrabbit. (?) And COOL.

Therein is the end of the argument. Face it. Facebook is way COOLER than MySpace. It's sleek. It's clean. It's easy. It's spiffy and state of the art. MySpace is... well, the last time I logged in there all I heard were crickets and distant echoes of past comments and bulletins. Old crusty profiles of people who have moved on to bigger and better. Facebook, baby, Facebook.

One of the cool things about Facebook is that I have reconnected with several past friends, people from high school (who will also kick your tushie if you call them old), people I regretfully lost touch with but now have found again.

Ah! But there is the proof of your argument, you say! "Facebook is where old people hook up with all their old high school pals. It started out as a website for college kids. But the old people took it over." Well, sweetheart, guess what? Half your girlfriends on MySpace are now MY friends on Facebook! And I don't have to worry about ranking them and rankling their feelings. We're all equal friends here. Ageless and eternal. That's right, Daddy's friends with your friends. Daddy writes on their walls. And they write back.

But I guess you didn't notice cause you're still MySpacin' over there. Was that a tumbleweed blowing through your profile? Knowing a better thing when you see it ain't being old. It's just, like I said, COOL. It's time to upgrade, kid!

March 15, 2009

"How I Feel On Sundays"

That pretty much says it - a little bit of color in the day, but still rather squashed at the thought of work tomorrow.

March 13, 2009

"Why the Long Face, Spud?"

March 12, 2009

"I Got Waved"

Today a woman waved at me. A complete stranger. Or maybe not so complete. I have seen her walking mornings along Guinea Hollow Road in Mountainville.

Her wave made me feel a bit less hollow about being on my way to eight hours locked in my cube at the office. I thought, This is nearly the equivalent of recieving a thumbs-up from an unknown inmate on one's way down the cellblock to solitary confinement.

Only I wasn't wearing a bright orange jumpsuit, state issued. Not today.

March 9, 2009

"Good Morning from Philadelphia"

*  *  *  *  *

"Outta Ketchup"

It's not right!
It's not fair!
There is no ketchup
I fried some eggs,
Oh what a bore!
Someone needs
To go to the store!

*  *  *  *  *


And so for lunch I got a cheesesteak
Because I am in Philly where they make them great
I walked and I walked to find the right place
Down Market, up Chestnut, March wind in my face
"I'll have peppers and onions and provolone cheese."
"Can I have that to go, if you don't mind, please?"
And then what should my hungry eyes see?
A bottle of ketchup! Ah! My lunch is complete!

*  *  *  *  *

Then we went to see Kimya Dawson at a church.

Ah, no... not that church.

This little one across the street from it:

It was an old ordeal of a building. Not so nice looking inside. Musty. My nose went crazy.

But Kimya was very entertaining. You should download her music right now. Then get away from the internet and listen for a while. It'll do you good.

March 5, 2009


This isn't the winning ticket??

I didn't win the lottery, but a group of people from my office won the New Jersey Mega Millions drawing on March 3. Ten people. Rumor has it they are getting $14 million each.

Who hasn't said the words, "If I win the lottery I would...?" (And usually the first thing stated is that you would quit your job on the spot, right?)

Well, has anyone ever seriously dreamed about what they would do if they DID NOT win the lottery but ten people that they knew DID?

"If ten people I knew won the lottery and I didn't, I would... wait for them in the parking garage and rob them."

"If ten people I knew won the lottery and I didn't, I would... be depressed and talk shit on them all day."

"If ten people I knew won the lottery and I didn't, I would... quit my job on the spot for a split second just to see what it felt like."

"If ten people I knew won the lottery and I didn't, I would... pretend that I was in a Wonka movie and sing loudly, 'I've got a Golden Ticket!'"

"If ten people I knew won the lottery and I didn't, I would... probably post a dumb picture of myself on my website and let everyone know I was a loser."






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