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May 31, 2003

T: "Dad, I'm at Circuit City. Did you buy that new Led Zeppelin dvd yet?"

ME: "No, can you check out the price while you are there and call me back?"

T: "Sure."

(** a mini eternity passes **)

T: "Dad, the dvd is $22.95. Did you know there is also a new 3 cd live set? Do you have that?"

ME: "No. How much is that?"

T: "Same price. But they have a sale only for today. But both for just $30."


T: "Dad..."

ME: "What?"

T: "I had enough money with me so I bought it for you!"

ME: "Dooooode! Awesome! You're the coolest! Now get yer butt home so we can watch it!"

Awesome is right! Over 5 hours of tremendous live Led Zeppelin! Oh man! Amazing! I have been listening to Led Zeppelin for 25 years or so. But I never saw them live. Their peak was slightly before my time. (They had their first two albums out before I was even finished with kindergarten!) I never saw any video performances of them either. They were big before MTV even existed. Then their drummer died tragically right as I was finishing high school. No more tours. So to see them playing their music live was just awesome. I was revited to the screen. I put the dvd in at 8 PM and nearly finished it last night.

After having the recent joy of buying a new drumset, to see John Bonham actually playing was astounding! His playing has been an influence on my own style, not to mention the influence he has been to so many drummers over the years. The first dvd contains live footage from 1970 and the camera angles are perfect for watching Bonzo. I was amazed at his speed and endurance. I can understand why the band stopped touring after his death. No one could have replaced him.

You have to see this dvd! This is a band that has not made any new music for over 20 years. Yet, their songs are on rock radio stations all over the world to this day. They were among the leaders and pioneers of rock music back in the 1970s. What a deal to get a 5 hour dvd AND a 3 cd audio set all for $30! Awesome!

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May 30, 2003

This just in, ladies and gentlemen! Someone can relate to the sea gull dropping story! ("Don't Lose that Number") Yes, a victim of sea gull bowel unloading has come forward to share her story. In her own words she relates the trauma:

"It happened one time on my arm and it was seriously hot like an egg from a pan! It really was! And I was like, 'their bellies must be steaming!' It slapped down from the skies up above like hot as an egg off a pan! It was hot from his inner belly!"

There you have it folks! A word from someone who has been there and back!

Now beware the next time you are at the beach! Not only do you have to worry about getting excessively burned by the sun. Now you have to worry about being scorched by steaming sea gull poop! Put on a double dose of sunscreen lotion! Wear long sleeves! For heaven's sake, if you are bald, be sure to wear a hat! Maybe wearing a helmet would be appropriate! If the sky begins to darken, you better run for your life and take cover. It may not be clouds. It just may be a flock of angry sea gulls carrying payloads of digested crustaceans, hot as molten lava!

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May 29, 2003

Another scene from my desk... with a little bit of a modern art makeover...


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May 28, 2003


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May 26, 2003

One of my favorite things to do is watch people. Another favorite thing of mine is to take their pictures when they are not looking! Here is a picture from my "people files." He's the Cycle Peep, delivering Chinese food in Brooklyn, a motorized fashion statement, the epitome of coolness, the envy of the Hells Angels, cruising at speeds that only packaging tape and loafers can withstand. I bet the chicks really dig this guy. The word is that chicks are into yellow helmets and flaming maroon scooters.

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May 21, 2003

There are certain people that you can be "yourself" around. You can be stupid and goofy without worrying about the fact that you are being stupid and goofy. You can laugh over things which the rest of the world might label you as immature for laughing at. And you don't give a flying flip if they do call you immature, because you and your silly friend both know that it's the rest of the world that's crazy, not the two of you!

I have a friend like this. Often, we exchange insane emails through the day, call each other names, respond by writing what the other person wrote - only backwards, send goofy pictures as responses. Sometimes she and I talk over the phone while we are at work. But that is dangerous! When you are sitting in the middle of a relatively quiet cube farm, it is really hard to hold the laughter in while someone is on the other end of the line making strange noises and such. The human anatomy is not designed to withstand the pressure of repressed laughter. That's how people lose their spleens.

Here is a recent email exchange that helped this Silly Girl and I make it through an afternoon. If you have a warped sense of humor you will get a kick out of it. If not... well, go take a flying flip right off my weblog then! (Just make sure you don't hurt yourself. And come back tomorrow.)

 ME:  Hey Baby, here are the pics I used for the speech. The one of us making faces is in there too. I think there are 10 or 11 pics. The speech went well. It was cool because I projected the pictures onto a giant screen in the auditorium. So there was this jumbo picture of me making a horrendous face.
 SILLY GIRL:  cool
 ME:  looc
 SILLY GIRL:  boof
 ME:  I just had an image of someone pummeling another person with a colon tied off on both ends like a balloon. Heh heh!
 SILLY GIRL:  ewwww sounds gross
 ME:  sounds like "boof"
 ME:  Beasty Old Fem
 SILLY GIRL:  Boys Oogling Freaks
 ME:  Boys Obtruding Farts
 SILLY GIRL:  HA HA! Big Ostrich Farts
 ME:  Bleeding Osteo Ferosis
 SILLY GIRL:  Bloody Oreo Fix
 ME:  You win! That one's the best! Sounds like some English chick who's desperate for her tea and cookies!
 SILLY GIRL:  I'm the weiner!

(Images found at Animation Factory.)

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May 19, 2003

A recent scene on my desk...

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May 18, 2003


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May 6, 2003

"The Coffe Dude"

On May 1, I posted this picture and asked for some feedback on it. Here are a few of the responses about this man who has been endearingly dubbed the Coffee Dude.

Here we go...

"It is morning at the coffee shop and he is blind, showing he can do things on his own, even if they are hot."


"He looks like someone who is pouring the coffee from sheer memory. Obviously he can't see a damn thing, yet he continues to pour. This isn't a long lost relative of yours is it? And please don't tell him about Bucks Ice Cream and Espresso Bar. The place will definitely be uncool if you do."

And then there is...

"Ya know....he must be stoned cause he has sunglasses on inside."

Lastly, my favorite...

"Now here is a man of great character! He may look the brooding silent type, but behind those glasses is a man with a heart of gold. Anyone who can pour a mean coffee is a champion to me! Looking at the picture, my guess is that he was pouring you one for the road after seeing the Danny Godinez Band. He was thinking that his new friend, Sam, needs a quick pick-me-up before he hits the road."

There ya have it! It's not too late to send in your Coffee Dude story. I'll post it on the internet and make you famous! Or, if you don't send me a story, I just might put your cute mug on the internet and let people write about you. You know I'm just the guy to do such a thing too!

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May 4, 2003

The Matisse/Picasso exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art was incredible! We have all seen so many copies and prints of paintings by these men, especially Picasso. To see the original paintings is out of this world. Some of them are very large. I was surprised at how large a few of them were. Seeing the texture of the paintings is one of the advantages of seeing them on exhibit.

I now have two prints framed and hanging above my bed. The large one on the left is Picasso's "Girl Before a Mirror," painted in 1932. The smaller print on the right is Matisse's "Goldfish." (I don't know the date.) The Matisse is soft and soothing. The Picasso is something that may induce dreams of an erotic/horror film nature. Giant women with lopsided boobs and striped bellies will be chasing me through a psychadelic house of mirrors. As I frantically try to escape, I will probably end up knocking the thing off the wall, causing it to gash my head open at the left temple.

Or maybe not.

This exhibit was well worth the cost of tickets and the drive to Queens. It was inspiring.

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May 3, 2003

There is another new journal entry posted today.

"The Danny Godinez Band Strikes Again"

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May 2, 2003

There is a new journal entry posted today.

"I am not a Super Hero"

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May 1, 2003

Group participation time again...

What thoughts does this picture evoke? When you look at it, what comes to your mind? Where is this setting? What time is it? Who is it? Write me a little story based on this coffee dude. If you send me something good, I might post it here - without making fun of you. If you send me something not good, well, I'll just make fun of you! No really. Send me something.

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