Sandy Hook Equipment -Free Fishing Derby – 2003

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Here he is ladies and gentlemen… the first place winner of the Sandy Hook Equipment-Free Fishing Derby, Greg H.!

Give him a big round of applause!


Now, let’s get a better look at that amazing whale of a fish!


How about some applause for the fish!


Very good! Very good!

Now, let’s go to the instant replay action photo of our weiner… er winner…


Look at that, ladies! What a view! (Are those bio-hazard symbols on his shorts??)

Let’s hear some applause for Greg H. from the ladies!


Everyone, let’s give Greg a huge round of applause for being such a sport and enduring the abuse that only a close friend with a website can dish out! Put your hands together!


(Okay… so it’s all just a spoof. You knew there was something “fishy” going on here. But we were at the beach on Saturday. If I get the time, I’ll tell ya all about it later.)

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