A Year in One Place


(Originally posted on the website Continuum…)

Would you like to see how one small spot on the Earth changes throughout the course of a year?

“A Year in One Place” is a project that I started in April 2004. Basically, each day I walk about 100 yards from my house, take a photo of a certain spot, and put it here on the website. Most of the photos are taken in the morning before I go to work. Some are taken a little later in the day. So, the colors and brightness of the photos may vary due to the brightness of the day. However, I am more interested in the changes in the bushes, trees, grass, etc. of this one particular area. Over the course of a year, there will probably be some intriguing changes.

So, click on “April 2004” below to start at the beginning of this project, or choose whichever month you wish to see.