Lunar Eclipse

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On November 8, 2003 there was a total lunar eclipse which was visible from most of North America (so I’m told by my NASA sources). I wanted to write about it at the time, but, well…

Yesterday, I received an email from my mom’s friend, Pete. (Hi, Pete!) She must know what astronomy geeks my mom and I are. She happened to mention that she couldn’t see the eclipse from her home in California as we could in New Jersey because it was too cloudy there. So, for Pete’s sake (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one.), here is a series of photos taken by none other than my mommy. It’s neat to see them all together and see the moon’s progression. Click the pictures to enlarge them.

For further info and pictures of this lunar eclipse, here are a few sites:

November’s Lunar Eclipse – this is the Astronomy Picture of the Day website from NASA (which happens to be what I have my home page on my browser set to. I told you I was an astronomy geek!)

Eclipsed Moon in Infrared – funky.

Photos by David Cortner – taken in North Carolina.

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