The View


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The view from my new bedroom window…

Speaking of windows… we finally bought a few curtains for my room and T’s room. Doing so was an exercise in frustration! T found something he liked fairly quickly. I had problems. Drapery issues. You see, I have a double window on the side of the room facing the street and a single window that looks out on the view above. Among the curtains at the store, I found either a color/design that I liked that would fit the double window and couldn’t find a matching set for the single window, or the other way around. After many mumbled curses on my part and a chorus of moans and growns from my sons which grew steadily and began to sound like a death chant, I came across sheer burgundy drapes sold in single panel packages. Problem solved. One panel for the single window, two for the double. And the burgundy goes well with the drum set! What else matters? (They also match the spiffy outfits in my Partridge Family photo. I’ll explain the photo some other time.)

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