Runners Away

(Originally posted on the website Continuum…)


The theme for yesterday’s Theme Thursday was “desperation.” For my entry, I had a tough time deciding which photo to choose as the best one. I had to get my good Friend D to take a look at the pics and give me her expert opinion as to which one was the best.

My kids and a few of their friends helped me to make this photo. We had a blast making it. I guess blasts are bound to happen when you use a gun as a prop. Yes, it was a real gun. No need for worry though. It’s a Daisy Red Ryder bb gun. (That’s right. Just like Ralphie wanted in “A Christmas Story.”) It was my father’s when he was a boy. It couldn’t even break the skin of a fly anymore. When it shoots, the bb curves. You have to aim 45 degrees to the left of anything you hope to hit!

Well, here are the runners up. (Or should they be called the “runners away?”)






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