Coloring Easter Eggs


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So, my girls flew back home on Saturday.

I took this photo of their plane as it was taking off. When I looked at it later, I noticed it gives off a creepy September 11th vibe. But no, those are not two towers that the plane is headed towards. They are reflections from the windows I was standing by in the airport.

As always, their time here went too fast. We crammed in as much as possible during the 10 days they were here. We saw the Scooby Doo 2 movie. We went to the mall and bought a betta fish and a hermit crab. We saw a few friends and relatives. We watched movies at home, made meals together, cleaned the house together (just a little). We had an Easter egg hunt on Good Friday. You can see the photos from that here. One of the last things we squeezed in was coloring Easter eggs. Here are several pictures of that event. Notice the nice begonia on the table. The emergency squad next to our house had a flower and bake sale this weekend. The kids bought the begonia for me. Her name is Emily. (Really. That’s what the little tag says.)







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