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One thorough satisfaction for me is the enjoyment of getting new drum equipment or supplies. Today my shipment of drumheads and sticks arrived. I couldn’t wait to get home from work today to give the drumset some TLC. I take pleasure in taking the drums apart, cleaning them up, replacing the well-worn heads. The scents of the drum polish and the wooden drum shells conjure up so many memories of past drumming days. To some, unscrewing 50 plus lugs, removing all the rims, cleaning all the chrome hardware, changing the heads and putting it all back together might sound like tedious work. To me, it is a pleasure on par with a good haircut, clean shave, and all the other aspects of good grooming – refreshing and good for one’s self-esteem.


The maintenance was also necessary. I have an upcoming opportunity to play at a nearby club as part of the host band for an open mic night. There’s a good possibility that I could have the position on a permanent weekly basis. Cool! So, the drumset and I better both be looking our best to make a good first impression.

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