I Went Hardcore

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I went hardcore. That’s right. I crossed the line. I went too far this time. There is no going back. I could never be the same now even if I tried to go back. Not now that I’ve gone and done this. I’m still shaking my head at myself. I almost can’t believe that I went and did what I did. I couldn’t resist. When something that sexy is tantalizingly paraded before me, I can’t hold back, especially given my particular propensities. I know I probably shouldn’t have done this. There are certain ramifications and consequences that concern me now. I know I’ll end up paying for this one day. But I just couldn’t help myself! Do you have any idea what it’s been like to live with all of this locked up inside me? I knew I would cross this line sooner or later. I knew I’d reach out and touch the forbidden fruit. I knew I’d shamelessly embrace it one day. It’s as if it were written in the stars. This was my destiny. There is no other way for me to exist, really. I had to do this. I was driven to it by the fire that burns within my genes (jeans?). It couldn’t be prevented. And frankly, I’m happy I did it! I’ll do it again one day if need be.

So, let me confess what I did. I’ll tell all of you right here on this website. I’ll admit it to the whole world right here on the Internet. I have no pride anymore.

And now the confession:


It’s true. That’s how hardcore I am – about my MUSIC mofo! And yes, there are consequences! And I will be paying for this! But I had to do it. My 20GB iPod is full. How could I exist without the ability to carry ALL my music (and movies too now) with me everywhere? Merry (early) Christmas to me!

*This entry is RATED X-mas.

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