Pines and Maples

There are pine and maple trees outside my son’s home.

Listen to that sound.

It reminds me of the surf at the beach. After the waves break and the incoming water reaches as far onto the beach as it can. There’s a moment of near silence right then. The water retreats. You hear the sound of the foam bubbles popping, air bubbles releasing from the sand, water sinking into the sand. It’s similar to the sound of the wind in the pines.

It also reminds me of being at my Grandparents’ house when I was a kid. They had a row of very tall pines beyond the patio along the driveway. There were no sounds of traffic or neighbors where they lived on top of a mountain. I remember the sound of the wind in the pines there. I also remember climbing to the top of one of those pines and coming out covered with ticks. But the view of the adjacent mountains was fantastic.

I wish I had time to set out a chair and let the sound of the wind in the pines soothe me right now, especially on such a lovely day. But since I don’t, I’ll take a video to watch over and over later.

Join me.

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