What Stage Are You?

Mr. Stinky

In a dream. Possibly at work.

I enter a room in which many people are milling about.

A guy says to me, “Sam, what stage are you?”

Me: “What stage am I?”

Guy: “Yes. Your cancer. What stage?”

Me: “Uh… I don’t have cancer.”

Guy: “Well, you are giving off such an odor that we all assumed you had cancer.”

Me: “No. It’s just a tooth that’s bothering me.”

Guy: “Hey, everybody! It’s not cancer. He just has a tooth bothering him.”

He walked away. No one else spoke to me.

I do have a tooth that’s bothering me. But I don’t think it’s giving off an odor. If there’s an odor, it’s because I need a shower. But it’s not at stage 4 level. Maybe stage 2.

Why wouldn’t people talk to me in that dream?

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