Take a Look at This

Maybe dad is the one who needs the braille here. He’s not looking where mom and child are looking. Or maybe it’s not dad. Maybe he’s some creep who is checking out mom.

I know you’ve been keeping an eye out for a blog post from me. This one doesn’t appear to be much. But take a look.

This package has braille on it. It was the only package I saw as I wandered around this store. It was somewhere near the center of the store. All I could think was, if a blind guy came in here trying to find this particular item, which is highly likely since this product is specifically marketed to those who consume braille, how would he find it in the middle of this store? He would have to touch every other item up and down the aisles until he found this one. He would undoubtedly knock some products on the floor. If he put them back on the shelf, how would he know they were right side up or not? The store would potentially be a wreck by the time he got to this one pack of crackers that was thoughtful enough to provide braille for sightless shoppers.

That’s how I see it.

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