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“Champagne” on Champlain

Happy first anniversary to us!

We chose to spend our anniversary in Burlington, Vermont, which I keep calling Cumberland for some reason. What’s the difference?

We took train 69 (tee hee) out of New York and got off (tee hee) at Port Kent, New York. From there we took a ferry across Lake Champlain to “Cumberland.”

Mid-lake, I decided we needed refreshments. I intended to get a couple Diet Cokes, but when I saw they were serving up low quality beer, I opted for the Labatt’s.

“Labatt’s” – That’s Canadian for champagne.

We drank our beer and my wife produced two fortune cookies from her purse. Yes, on your first anniversary you are supposed to open fortune cookies on a boat. With beer.

I opened my cookie and saw my “Learn Chinese” word. It was “BEER!”

That has to be a good fortune without even reading the fortune, right? What are the chances of getting “beer” while you’re drinking beer?? And on a BOAT!

Lest you think I made up this whole story, here are pictures to prove it.


Holy Thursday

Oh, Robin...
Oh, Robin…

I made this meme this morning. It’s my kind of humor. I shared this picture on Facebook with the people at Catholic Memes. Given that the photo now has 3,300 likes, it looks like maybe a few people share my sense of humor. It’s a good feeling to think that I made 3,000 people smile today. “Holy Happiness, Batman!”