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Good Times at a Grade School Christmas Concert [VIDEO]

There’s nothing like a grade school Christmas concert to lift your spirits.

If you could use your spirits lifted a bit, and if you have 7 1/2 minutes to spare, maybe this video will do the trick for you. It’s got an introduction and comments in between songs AND a cameo by someone you don’t want to miss!

News of the W-B

Here is another gem of a video which was made a few years ago. It was shot in the same room (“Conference Room 200, as an observant coworker noticed) as this previous video gem.

My wife is from Wilkes-Barre, PA. That’s right, my wife is imported. And important. But anywho… (I hate when people say that.) She is intrigued by any noteworthy goings-on in the W-B. There was a story about the extradition from California to Wilkes-Barre of a man connected to the murder of a Hazleton woman. So, using connections of my own, I contacted the mayor of Wilkes-Barre to get the scoop.

Here’s how the conversation went: