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There are those of the human species whose mission in life is to annoy, irritate, peeve, irk and provoke. Indeed, their singular function in this world is to give linguists a reason to include such words as splinter, boil, burr, and brush-burn in our English dictionaries.

Or so one may often be tempted to believe.

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Do It.

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Does the word “DO” mean “EAT” in some language? Cause this kid definitely ain’t “DOin'” it!
(Photo taken in Brooklyn, May 2002)

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The Things People Search On

(Originally posted on the website Continuum…)

Here is a list of 20 things that people searched on (through Google, Yahoo, etc.) and the pages they found on my site. Some of them are funny. Some of them really make you wonder about people. The one about Gene Simmons and the last one are my favorites. More to come in the future.

Search Criteria


smbluebulletEvil Demon smbluebulletBill’s Desk (Photo Gallery)
smbluebulletDemon Frog smbluebulletBill’s Desk (Photo Gallery)
smbluebulletFunky Dixie Land
Pretty Mama Take Me By The Hand
smbluebullet“Don’t Lose that Number”
smbluebulletPictures of Corned Beef Cabbage smbluebullet“Buffalo Before Breakfast, Twizzlers Before Lunch”
smbluebulletUFO Sighting Pictures smbluebulletMy UFO Sighting (Photo Gallery)
smbluebulletManiacs smbluebullet“200 Miles of Rain”
smbluebulletGene Simmons Speaking in Tongues smbluebullet“When We Were Rockstars”
smbluebulletImbecile smbluebulletAbout Sam Snyder
smbluebulletMan Eating Fox smbluebullet“Biking at Island Beach State Park”
smbluebulletI’m Feeling Lucky smbluebulletMain Page
smbluebulletDirty Boot Gallery smbluebulletMy Dirty Pictures (Photo Gallery)
smbluebulletPictures of Insect Bites on Babies smbluebullet“Old Photos”
smbluebulletNavin Johnson smbluebullet“Randomness”
smbluebulletPicture of Huge Construction Worker smbluebullet“Last Week in Java Class”
smbluebulletNosepickers smbluebullet“I’d Rather Have Root Canal!”
smbluebulletPictures of Poor Cows smbluebullet“Where’s the Snow?”
smbluebulletSerial Killer Personality Test smbluebullet“The Oyster and the Personality Test”
smbluebulletPictures of Children Puking smbluebullet“Finkledorff, Finkledorff, Where Have You Been?”
smbluebulletGetting High on PEZ smbluebullet“Randomness”
smbluebulletSam Buffalo Snyder smbluebulletMain Page

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