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I Forced Myself to Go for a Run Today and This Was My Reward

A Close Encounter of the Pileated Kind

I forced myself to get out for a run today. This was my reward! I can’t believe how close he let me get. I may have gotten closer if I didn’t slip at the end of the video.

A Few Pileated Woodpecker Facts

  • They are not migratory.
  • Pairs stay together all year.
  • They are territorial. (Hear territorial drumming in video below.)
  • Their territorial drumming consists of burst of 11 to 30 taps in less than one second.
  • They make rectangular holes and nest in them.
  • They do not reuse nesting holes from year to year, but other animals use the woodpecker’s abandoned holes.

Pileated Woodpecker’s Territorial Drumming

Some Rat Bastard Ate Our First Strawberry


We had been watching the ripening progress of our first strawberry for the past few days. It was ready for picking this morning. But some rat bastard had already eaten part of it.

*** 6/17/2020 – UPDATE: It wasn’t a rat that ate it. I was a squirrel. I saw one of then in the act. ***

Gray or Green?

Cope’s Gray Tree Frog

I’m pretty sure this is a Cope’s Gray Tree Frog, as best I can tell by pictures I found online.

Luckily I saw him before I squished him under hand when picking up the water can.

A friend of his wasn’t so fortunate earlier in the evening. Our cat played a little too hard with that poor fellow before we noticed.

So Many Seasons in One Day

Lilac – The First Best Smell of Spring

I Wish You Could Smell These

I wish you could smell these! We have been waiting for these lilac flowers to open. They have no scent until they open. Not even a tiny bit leaks out. But when they open, they are delicious. I had been telling my little boy about how wonderful these flowers smell. These are one of mom’s favorites. Today, when I showed them how they had bloomed and I inhaled deeply with my nose to the pedals, he leaned forward and forcefully exhaled through his nose. It’s hard to smell anything that way, kid!

This picture was taken at 2:26 PM. He had rained off and on through the morning. The sky was dark and windy most of the day so far.

Sleet on Plants
Oh no! Sleet in my plants!

From Spring to Winter in an Hour

No long after I took the lilac picture, the wind really whipped up. Then sleet came pelting out of the sky! Sleet? IN MAY???? Nothing has sprouted in those pots yet. So I’m thinking this won’t effect the plants. But really… sleet in May?

This picture of sleet was taken at 4:08 PM.


Heat Wave

We Interrupt This Season to Take You to Summer

At 4:47 PM, 39 minutes after the picture of sleet in my flower pots, it was nearly 70 degrees! I know what you might be thinking. No, that was not hail (,Mary,) in those pots. It was legitimately cold. It was sleet. There was even some snow mixed in with the sleet. True, we get hail with storms in the summertime. But this was not hail.

Strange Day

This was a strange day in the midst of strange days. The pandemic. Everyone wearing face masks in public. Most stores still closed. Most people not going anywhere, just staying home. It all feels so strange.