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Hawk on a Snowy Day

red-tailed hawk
Red-tailed Hawk
red-tailed hawk
Red-tailed Hawk
red-tailed hawk
Red-tailed Hawk

These are pictures of a red-tailed hawk behind our house. He was eating something when I first saw him. Possibly a squirrel or small bird. There was a mourning dove hanging around our feeder a lot today. There are also pigeons that congregate in our neighbor’s yard because she feeds them. Could have been one of those unfortunate fellows. The hawk ate whatever it was but must have still been hungry. He was watching those pigeons flying around as well as several other birds. He sat in the tree for maybe 10 minutes after eating. Then he couldn’t resist all the birds flying around the neighborhood and gave chase.

While he was in the tree, I hurried to get my camera out before and set up a tripod (over the kitchen sink). I clicked off 50 shots. But I had to shoot through the window and the hawk was just a little too far away, maybe 40 to 50 yards. I have a 300mm lens. But I need something bigger for that distance. Even though the camera doesn’t do him justice, the hawk was a nice sight.

I Forced Myself to Go for a Run Today and This Was My Reward

A Close Encounter of the Pileated Kind

I forced myself to get out for a run today. This was my reward! I can’t believe how close he let me get. I may have gotten closer if I didn’t slip at the end of the video.

A Few Pileated Woodpecker Facts

  • They are not migratory.
  • Pairs stay together all year.
  • They are territorial. (Hear territorial drumming in video below.)
  • Their territorial drumming consists of burst of 11 to 30 taps in less than one second.
  • They make rectangular holes and nest in them.
  • They do not reuse nesting holes from year to year, but other animals use the woodpecker’s abandoned holes.

Pileated Woodpecker’s Territorial Drumming

Some Rat Bastard Ate Our First Strawberry


We had been watching the ripening progress of our first strawberry for the past few days. It was ready for picking this morning. But some rat bastard had already eaten part of it.

*** 6/17/2020 – UPDATE: It wasn’t a rat that ate it. I was a squirrel. I saw one of then in the act. ***