Something to Think About

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Something to think about…

In regard to the US government’s and big corporations’ influence/control on the media, Norman Solomon (Executive Director, Institute for Public Accuracy) said the following:

“In theory, everyone in the United States has freedom to speak his or her mind. Freedom to be heard is another matter.” (“Target Iraq: What the News Media Didn’t Tell You”, 2003, Context Books)
A lot of voices with various view points are not heard because they don’t line up with the interests of those who control the major media outlets. We have freedom of speech here and our news is not censored. However, many facts are conveniently left out, ignored, changed over time. So what we do hear often has such a spin on it. It’s been sanitized and made to fit in with the agendas of those in control of the outlets. It’s hard to believe anything anymore. Freedom of speech does not mean the same thing today as it did when this country was founded.

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