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This is the first article of the original Heron Flight website.

It’s Easter. A good day for a new start!

The last time I posted a journal entry was… well… quite a while ago! Too much time has transpired. Circumstances have changed. Events have happened. People have come and gone. Too much has gone unnoted.

Easter… the day of resurrection… new life. What better day for revival and renewal?

For some time I have been wanting to redesign my website. Of course, intentions and available time tend to avoid each other. I had the best ideas at the most inopportune moments and pitiful ambition when free hours surrounded me. Then today I installed Moveable Type. Now my web publishing life has become much simpler! Moveable Type’s available templates and easy archiving system have taken much of the difficulty out of the whole process. There is much that I need to learn about Moveable Type. For now, at least the site has a new design and provides a place for me to finally write again.

I need to write. I really need to write. The need has finally gotten to the point where it had to happen NOW! If you love to write you will relate to what I’m saying. Writers HAVE to write. Whether we write poorly or brilliantly, we HAVE to do it. Surely we want to write something amazing each time we sit before our computers or take a pen in our hands. No one wants to write poorly. But to not write at all is worse than the worst of the worst writing.

So… Today…

We spent the afternoon at my mom’s house. (Yes, “we.” The “we” will be explained another day.) My sisters and my niece were there. It was an impromptu gathering. Mom had been sick this week. So, no one was sure if we would get together or not. My stepfather had to work. (Doesn’t THAT suck?) We brought flowers over for Mom and ended up staying. Since none of us were prepared for this we ended up buying sandwiches, chips and chocolate at Quick Chek. Yes, we BOUGHT chocolate on Easter. Damn Easter Bunny! Poor Mom was sick and he didn’t even have sympathy enough to leave chocolate! Anyway… We had fun watching my niece find Easter eggs. We talked and laughed a lot. That was good in light of recent circumstances (also to be explained another day).

The only downside to the day was that I had been attempting a seven day detox diet. The first two days of the program allow you to have nothing but green tea and water. I started yesterday. I made it to 8 PM, then broke down and ordered Chinese food. Heh! Today I made it until 3 PM, then rushed to Quick Chek. Oh well. It’s a holiday… bad time to start any kind of diet. I did lose five pounds between Saturday and Sunday though! Not too shabby!

Tonight I came home and fiddled with the ol’ website until… *POOF!* Here it is! All brandy new!

There are plenty of things to write about, plenty to catch up on. But right now I’m tired. Time for a shower… maybe a movie… and then bed.

More later…………..

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