Long Ago… By Chance, Two Perverts Met


Eight years ago… on a distant blog (an “online journal,” as we were want to call them back in the day)… I wrote this.

My, things have changed! Today, I can view that old article on a fancy phone, with no cables attached and far from any dial-up modem. I can take a picture of that article on my phone’s screen and upload it to my new spiffy state-of-the-age blog here. I can even re-size that picture online, on the fly, from my phone, and stick it into a new article.

And this new article is telling you to go read that old stuff. There’s stuff all the way back from December of the fine year 2000.

“It was a drizzly Thursday night…”

It’s a drizzly Tuesday afternoon on this October 22 in the prime year of 2013.

Hopefully it’s drizzly wherever you are. If not, pretend it is, take a walk in the drizzle, and read this…

“By Chance Two Perverts Meet”

(Disclaimer – I am not responsible for any phones ruined by following my dumb suggestion. Don’t go out in the drizzle. Stay dry. Read in the comfort of your home. On a laptop. In a beanbag chair. In your slippers. All cozy with a cup of cocoa. Far from the perverts and their minivans. Safe from the drizzle.)

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