Toe Jam!

(Originally posted on the website Heron Flight)


Ouch! Yes, it hurts!

I tried to push the chair while sitting at the desk yesterday morning. My bare foot slipped on the carpeting, causing me to kick the corner of the desk. THAT was not a fun experience!

Arissa and I went GEOCACHING in the afternoon. While trudging our way through the tick-laden brush, my toe was throbbing. When I removed my shoe back at home, there was one pudgy mulberry-colored fellow among four ghostly white brothers.

Honestly, he looks worse than he feels. There is only pain if I step a certain way. I just have to remember to NOT crack the toes of my left foot when I take my shoes off. I have a habit of doing that.

I am sure you didn’t need to know of my toe-cracking habit and you certainly did not need to see a photo of my ugly foot. But hey! This is the internet! We reveal all kinds of things here that we don’t in “real” life!

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