I Forgot to Warn You

(Originally posted on the website Heron Flight)

A Wonka-ish email exchange with a co-worker concerning the “Toe Jam” picture (Click here if you really want to see it.)…

samsnyder@BIGcorporation.com: I forgot to warn you about the ugly foot picture.

co-worker@BIGcorporation.com: You are a little late…I’m vomiting over here in my garbage can!

samsnyder@BIGcorporation.com: what? don’t like mulberries?

co-worker@BIGcorporation.com: Looks more like a shnozberry to me!

samsnyder@BIGcorporation.com: THAT’s funny! Ha! I’m picturing that girl in the [Wonka] movie licking my toe!

co-worker@BIGcorporation.com: EEEEEEW!

samsnyder@BIGcorporation.com: If I ever jam my nose that bad I’ll have to write about it being a SHNOZberry.

co-worker@BIGcorporation.com: That would be interesting…how would you jam your nose?

samsnyder@BIGcorporation.com: I think drinking would have to be involved.

co-worker@BIGcorporation.com: Sounds like you are drinking already… [go] read your last e-mail…

samsnyder@BIGcorporation.com: Shounds like WHOsh dwinking alweady?

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