The Check is in the Mail

(Originally posted on the website Heron Flight)

My friend, Greg, is one of the best at remembering and telling jokes. Here’s one he told the other night while some of us were sitting around a campfire. You’ll have to “bear” with his sense of humor…

A Polack and a Czechoslovakian decide to go hunting. After some time of walking through the woods, they encounter two very hungry bears, a male and a female. The two men were no match for the bears and the bears swallowed them whole.

When the hunters didn’t return the next day, a search party was sent to find them. The party came upon the two bears sitting in the woods, full and content. They figured their friends were eaten by these bears. So, they shot the bears and cut the female open first. Much to their surprise, the Polack was still alive when they cut the her open.

“Oh, thank God you’ve come! I nearly suffocated in there!”

The other men responded, “Where is your partner?”

The Polack said, “Oh, the Czech is in the male.”

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