I’ll Be Your Dancer

(Originally posted on the website Heron Flight)

lady-worker@BIGcorporation.com: Save me from my cube!

samsnyder@BIGcorporation.com: Maybe I can have a singing telegram delivered to you. Ha! Your neighbor would love that.

lady-worker@BIGcorporation.com: At least I would remember how to smile again! Can you be the singer?

samsnyder@BIGcorporation.com: I’ll be the dancer.

lady-worker@BIGcorporation.com: Yeah baby!!! I got dollars!

samsnyder@BIGcorporation.com: Warm ’em up!

lady-worker@BIGcorporation.com: What???!!!

samsnyder@BIGcorporation.com: Thought you meant silver dollars.

lady-worker@BIGcorporation.com: They could get stuck!

samsnyder@BIGcorporation.com: As long as they don’t get stuck sideways, I’m good.

lady-worker@BIGcorporation.com: Ouch!

samsnyder@BIGcorporation.com: You have no idea.

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