Day 4 – Why?

I would kill for coffee right now.

I’ve had a headache right from the start of the day today. It’s 10 AM now. That decaf green tea shit isn’t cutting it. Why am I doing this to myself?

And who the hell publishes such an unflattering photo of themselves?

I don’t care. My head hurts. I swear it feels like a hangover again. It’s amazing how a chemical can have so much influence over my body.

Yesterday I didn’t feel so bad. It was a pretty good day. But now I wonder if that’s because I took those migraine pills with caffeine. Plus I drank Coke later in the day. Maybe there was sufficient caffeine in my system still to keep me from feeling too bad yesterday.

But today? Ugh.


I got through it. Headache went away after dinner. Only one cup of decaf green tea today.

I have noticed that I’m extra tired the past few days. That could also be an after effect of the migraine on Friday.

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