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Remember When We Were Allowed to Go to Diners?

“Half Delicious Sandwich?” Might as well call it “Mediocre Sandwich.”

I would LOVE to be able to sit in a diner and eat a sandwich, even a mediocre one. With a bottomless cup of diner coffee. Just to be around people. Smell the diner smells. Maybe have some rice pudding. Give the waitress a larger tip than usual. Because we’ve all been having a hard time.

Some Rat Bastard Ate Our First Strawberry


We had been watching the ripening progress of our first strawberry for the past few days. It was ready for picking this morning. But some rat bastard had already eaten part of it.

*** 6/17/2020 – UPDATE: It wasn’t a rat that ate it. I was a squirrel. I saw one of then in the act. ***

If You’re Going to Fall, Fall Forever

There is no bottom.

Off the Wagon

I fell off the no-coffee wagon. And I fell hard. I had two cups of coffee before 9 AM this morning. They tasted fantastic! And I got a lot of stuff done this morning! (I went through most of my connections on LinkedIn and added endorsements to peoples’ skills. I was paying it forward like a maniac!

So that’s that. Two weeks was enough.

Come on by and have some coffee with me!

Day 14 of No Coffee



Today makes two full weeks with no coffee.

Two nights ago I had a dream that I was enjoying a cup of coffee. It was delicious! It was the best cup of coffee I never really had.

My Coffee History

I didn’t always love coffee. For the first 35 years of my life I didn’t like it at all. One of the first times I had it was in my early 20s. I was working for my father-in-law at the time. On the way to a job site he stopped in a store for coffee. I didn’t want any but he assumed I did. He also assumed I liked cream in sugar in it. When I told him I didn’t want it, he looked at me like I was one strange bird, which is funny because his last name was Burd.

When I was 35 I made a changed occupations from factory work to an office job. The company provided free coffee every morning. It wasn’t the best coffee in the world, nothing like that in my dream. But I grew to like it.

My coffee game took a step up about 15 years ago. My girlfriend at the time – I was long divorced from Mr. Burd’s daughter – was from Brazil. Her mom came from Brazil to visit. As a gift, she gave me a small brick of Pilao coffee. Whoa-ho-ho! THE BEST coffee I ever had! So strong! It will make your head buzz a little bit. I’ve been drinking it ever since.

Feel Any Different?

The morning after my paradisiacal coffee dream, I revealed to two of my coworkers that I had given up coffee for almost two weeks. I got that you’re-one-strange-bird look from both of them, followed by a slew of questions as to why in the world I would want to do that. Then one of them finally asked if I felt any differently.


I really don’t. Well, maybe a little bit. But I’m not sure it’s due to abstaining from coffee. I’ve been taking an anti-inflammatory for a sciatic problem. I think that is mostly responsible for any reduction in stress I may be feeling.

What to do? What to do?

I’m thinking I should stop stress about this whole thing and relax with a good cup of Pilao coffee. In the morning. Don’t drink Pilao late at night. You won’t sleep.

Public Service Announcement

Here’s how to pronounce paradisiacal according to Google:

I kinda can’t do it very well.