Matisse/Picasso Exhibit


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The Matisse/Picasso exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art was incredible! We have all seen so many copies and prints of paintings by these men, especially Picasso. To see the original paintings is out of this world. Some of them are very large. I was surprised at how large a few of them were. Seeing the texture of the paintings is one of the advantages of seeing them on exhibit.

I now have two prints framed and hanging above my bed. The large one on the left is Picasso’s “Girl Before a Mirror,” painted in 1932. The smaller print on the right is Matisse’s “Goldfish.” (I don’t know the date.) The Matisse is soft and soothing. The Picasso is something that may induce dreams of an erotic/horror film nature. Giant women with lopsided boobs and striped bellies will be chasing me through a psychadelic house of mirrors. As I frantically try to escape, I will probably end up knocking the thing off the wall, causing it to gash my head open at the left temple.

Or maybe not.

This exhibit was well worth the cost of tickets and the drive to Queens. It was inspiring.

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