Take Note of Beauty

(Originally posted on the website Heron Flight)

“Boss, I’m sorry I was 10 minutes late to the office this morning. Sometimes you just have to stop and take note of beauty.”

The weather forecast called for 4 to 7 inches of snow overnight.

I think we got 4/7 of an inch instead, not even enough to exceed the height of the grass, and certainly not enough to make the roads hazardous and give me an excuse to work from home. How disappointing.

However, with every disappointment comes glimpses of happiness and beauty, depending on how you look at the circumstances. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Two miles from home, this mountain smiled at me and said, “Good morning! Nice to see you! How do I look?”

“My dear, you look lovely! Spectacular! I love your highlights!”

Actually, what I thought was, “That looks like a delicious brownie with powdered sugar! Yummy!” You can’t say such a thing to a lady. But we are talking about a mountain here. Mountains are delicious!

Being a creature that likes to stop time and possess what I view, I pulled into a nearby lot to snap a few photos. Below is Point Mountain, proudly modeling on a January morning. Enjoy her beauty.

(The first photo includes Mansfield Township Elementary School in the foreground. I attended 5th and 6th grade there, started playing drums there, and had an early encounter with the occult there. Stories for another time. Yes, the occult.)






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