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The Ride Home

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Here are a few scenes from my ride home after work.


I like how the rays of the sun appear to be about to “beam up” the car in the middle lane. This was taken on Route 78 near Clinton.


Of course “packing tape should not be used for painful practical jokes!” DUCT TAPE works much better! This was taken while I was getting gas at a Hess station.

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First It’s a Candy, Then It’s Frustration

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Remember these? Razzles?

This has always been one of the most frustrating candies or gums or whatever it really is. As a candy it doesn’t taste that great. When you first chew it, it feels like it’s just falling apart into little chunks in your mouth. Then it suddenly morphs into gum. However, the flavor only lasts about three seconds and its size shrinks away to almost nothing. Plus, it must have some super synthetic craving enducers designed to drive your taste buds nuts. You can’t stop popping these things into your mouth just to replenish the flavor, which only leaves you desperate for another in no time. It’s a vicious downward spiral. Before you know it you’re strung out on the whole bag and crawling your way back to the 7-Eleven with a big tasteless wad in your mouth, pathetically trying to say, “More Razzles please!” But the dark eyed cashier, whose English vocabulary consists of only six words, hears you say, “My ass leaks cheese,” and stupidly points you to the Slurpee machine.

See what I mean by frustrating?

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The Cute Boys List

(Originally posted on the website Continuum…)

Last night, while cleaning up my room a bit…


I came across this Lizzie McGuire notepad. No, it’s not mine! I bought two of these for my younger daughters while they were visiting in the summer. We spent a lot of time in the car driving to and from the babysitter’s house when they were here. So I bought these colorful little Lizzie notepads with beads on the bindings, along with colored markers, for them.

Before placing the Lizzie notepad into a container of the girls’ toys, I looked inside to see if there was enough paper left to make the pad worth saving. What I found on the first page made it well worth saving!


Oh yes! This is destined to be a Snyder family classic! How handy this little notepad will be when Dad decides to create one of those embarrassing situations once this particular daughter starts dating in several years!

“Daddy, this is my date for the prom, Ryan.”

“Why, Ryan… you know, your name is not on THE LIST!”

“Excuse me, Mr. Snyder? What do you mean, sir?”

“You weren’t quite as cute as CHAD. Were you? You didn’t have the coy first grade appeal of DILLON, eh Ryan? You sure didn’t measure up to BIG MIKE! What? Were you an ugly little tyke, Ryan?”

Ah yes! I will be every young man’s nightmare and a daughter’s chagrin… a weird dad with a Lizzie McGuire notepad!

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Cube Decor

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So here’s a picture of me at work. Just thought y’all would like to see how my cube is decorated.


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