Decaf?? WTF?

decaf is poopy
Or maybe Decaf?? WTP? What’s the point?

I’ve decided to give up coffee for a while. For stress reasons.

Actually, I’ve decided to give up all caffeine. So this is my third cup of decaf tea.

1:30 PM – UPDATE


By 1:30 PM, I had a pounding headache. I felt hungover.

It didn’t help that a manager was trampling all over a few of us in a meeting at 12:30. I never understand when a manager says, “I don’t understand this. What does this mean?” Then you give them the explanation. And they say, “No. You’re wrong.” I literally gave this man a definition of a certain topic straight from a book, an exam prep book pictured above, no less, and he responded, “No. No. No. That’s NOT what it is.” I could hear the sneer in his voice. Bad day for me to not have any caffeine in my system.

So at 1:30, I had a cup of caffeinated green tea. I still have a headache. But it has less of an edge to it. For now.

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