First Time with the New Headlamp

Running at Night

Been a While

I haven’t run for a while. I was busy. Studying for another certification exam. And I’ve been experiencing a lower back problem which is causing numbness in my feet and left leg. Annoying.

But yesterday I just needed to get out there. My back wasn’t too bad. The numbness in my leg was minimal. I did feel some in my feet while I was running. It’s unnerving. (Pun intended.) But the run did me good, especially psychologically.

This was my first time using a new much brighter headlamp. My old one was only 200 lumens. That’s not enough for rocky leaf-covered trails at night. 200 lumens is only enough to get you safely downstairs to raid the cookie jar in the middle of the night.

THIS is much better!

Bright Eyes

If You’re Going to Fall, Fall Forever

There is no bottom.

Off the Wagon

I fell off the no-coffee wagon. And I fell hard. I had two cups of coffee before 9 AM this morning. They tasted fantastic! And I got a lot of stuff done this morning! (I went through most of my connections on LinkedIn and added endorsements to peoples’ skills. I was paying it forward like a maniac!

So that’s that. Two weeks was enough.

Come on by and have some coffee with me!