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(Originally posted on the website Heron Flight)

From April 1, 2004 until today, I worked on a daily photo project which I titled “A Year in One Place.” There is a field about 100 feet from my house. On the opposite side of the field is a stream. My goal was to take a photo of this end of the field every day for a year. The photo to the left is a reminder that I put in my car. It now has such character that everyone in the family has agreed that I need to leave the reminder there for good. Yes, I sometimes eat bananas in the car.

Here are some highlights from a year of taking daily photos in this place:

  • April 12 – garbage appears (maybe a cardboard box) and is visible until May 17
  • April 21 – new leaves are noticeable on the trees
  • April 29 – first wildflowers appear
  • May 12 – trees are noticeably full
  • May 18 – the stream is no longer visible
  • June ? – the first time someone asked me why the hell I was taking pictures there every day
  • June 18 – wheat begins to turn brown
  • July 1 – first photo taken by someone other than myself (guest photographers included Hannah, Maddy, Tim, Kayla, Arissa)
  • July 6 – wheat is harvasted
  • July 6 – first two of three vehicles appear
  • September 4 – first photo missed because someone forgot while I was out of town
  • September 15 – third vehicle
  • September 18 – field is flooded
  • September 21 – trees begin to appear noticeably thinner
  • October 13 – leaves begin to change colors
  • October 19 – first time I forgot
  • Total number of days missed – 9
  • Total out of the 9 that are on a misplaced disk somewhere – 3
  • November 4 – first frost
  • November 10 – leaves nearly gone
  • November 28 – stream is visible again
  • December 27 – first snow
  • January 22 – first photo taken during a snow storm
  • February 1 – first footprints in the snow
  • February 18 – first (and only) dog appears bringing the first (and only) human along with her
  • March 5 – my shadow is in the picture
  • March 24 – last time it snowed
  • March 31 (day 365) – first time a police officer stopped and asked what I was doing. I told him, “Nothing now. I’m finished.”

CLICK HERE to see the Year in One Place photo project.

Wasps on the Goldenrod

(Originally posted on the website Continuum…)

Wasps on Goldenrod
Wasps on Goldenrod

There is plenty to see as I walk down the road each day to take a photo for THIS PROJECT. For a while, the thistle was the big attraction. Now the thistle is all gone. Today I noticed that the goldenrod had quite a few wasps eagerly combing its bright yellow tresses.