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The Pretty People in the Woods Receive Me Cordially

The bee is not afraid of me,

I know the butterfly;

The pretty people in the woods

Receive me cordially.

The brooks laugh louder when I come,

The breezes madder play.

Wherefore, mine eyes, thy silver mists?

Wherefore, O summer’s day?

-Emily Dickenson

So why don’t I spend more time in the woods? Why do I allow depression to prevent me from getting out of bed some early mornings? I should be more eager to be in the woods where I am know, where there is happiness.

Faltering Steps – A Poem

Faltering Steps

Now through earth’s gray and solemn vale
These faltering steps I take
While Heaven seems hidden beyond misty shrouds,
Fears attend each breath.
Have You not said that You would lead?
Lord, grant faith unto my heart,
That seeing not I would yet believe,
Pressing on to follow You.

Oh Jesus, Lord what tears You shed,
Such lonely days You trod
Upon the path ordained of old,
Of sorrow and sacrifice.
Even in Your darkest forsaken moment,
As crying, “My God! My God!”
Still You bowed Your heart to Your Father’s will,
Trusting even into death.

By Sam Snyder
February 12, 2001


“Lunch” – A Poem


(Originally posted on the website Heron Flight)


And so for lunch I got a cheesesteak
Because I am in Philly where they make them great
I walked and I walked to find the right place
Down Market, up Chestnut, March wind in my face
“I’ll have peppers and onions and provolone cheese.”
“Can I have that to go, if you don’t mind, please?”
And then what should my hungry eyes see?
A bottle of ketchup! Ah! My lunch is complete!